Sourcing Edge Inc.

Sourcing Edge Inc. has been in business for over 32 years. As a buying office we act as consultants, making recommendations and ultimately supplying our vendors' products to the industry. Our network consist of hundreds of sources in multiple categories to fulfill our customers' merchandise needs.

What we offer

Here are a few of the categories that we supply through our company: 

 ·         Private Label

·         Accessories-Socks, Underwear, belts, hats, etc.;

·         Reading & Sunglasses;

·         Jewelry;

·          Footwear-sandals, boots slippers;

·         Beauty & personal care;

·         Pashmina Scarves

·         Candles;

·         Home domestics;

·         Umbrellas

·         Outerwear

·         Pet products;

·         Off-price branded merchandise;

·         Halloween products;

·         Goodwill “Smiling G” reusable bags (made to order).

                                                                & many more !

It’s all about Service! Here at Sourcing Edge, we are here to help you from beginning to end
— Jim Perrone