Sourcing Edge Inc.

Sourcing Edge Inc. has been in business for over 32 years. As a buying office we act as consultants, making recommendations and ultimately supplying our vendors' products to the industry. Our network consist of hundreds of sources in multiple categories to fulfill our customers' merchandise needs.

Women's Coach Inspired Leather Belts @$2.00

OFFER 140117FI

These Coach-Inspired Belts all come with a hanger and the chained leather tab.  They are sold as an assortment.  However, if you would like specific colors, you can indicate that on your order.

The normal case-pack contains an assortment of 240 pieces. The quantity can be lowered to fit your requirements.

You can test it in a few stores and then reorder! Take a look at the attachment for the full range ofcolors. Once you order, you'll come back for more!  An exceptional value at an excellent price!...$2.00

Pre-ticketing hang tag is available at .25 cents  higher ($2.25).

Wide: 1.25" Inches.

Length: S (28" - 30"), M (32" - 34")

               L (36" - 38"), XL (40" - 42")

Pre-Packed: (S) 2, (M) 4 , (L) 4, (XL) 2 = 12 per color


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