Sourcing Edge Inc.

Sourcing Edge Inc. has been in business for over 32 years. As a buying office we act as consultants, making recommendations and ultimately supplying our vendors' products to the industry. Our network consist of hundreds of sources in multiple categories to fulfill our customers' merchandise needs.

Mens Jackets starting @ $10.90

OFFER 1308262GAJ 

Style#180- Ripstop jacket $14.90- 4  colors

Style#189-Ripstop Bomber -$10.90-1 color

Style#209- Sueded Microfiber DBl Collar $12.90-4 colors

Style#210- Filled Sueded Microfiber Hidden Placket $12.90-6 colors


Style#211- Sueded Microfiber Hidden Placket $11.90-4 colors

Style#213-3/4 length Sueded Microfiber Parka $15.90- 4 colors

Style#214-Oxford nylon ¾ length Parka $18.90-3 colors

Style#215- Oxford nylon Bomber $12.90- 3 colors

Style#216- Sueded Microfiber Field jacket $14.90- 3 colors

Style#305- Lamblike fleece Hooded PU jacket $24.90- 1 color

Style#307- Cargo pocket Hooded PU jacket $24.90- 1 color

Style#5010-Heather Wool Bubble $14.90-1 color

Style#5290- reversible vest $10.90-2 colors and 2 colors of camo are $11.90

Style#5572- Reversible Hood vest $10.90-3 colors

Style#5225B- Boys colorblock mid weight jacket $10.90-3 colors