Sourcing Edge Inc.

Sourcing Edge Inc. has been in business for over 32 years. As a buying office we act as consultants, making recommendations and ultimately supplying our vendors' products to the industry. Our network consist of hundreds of sources in multiple categories to fulfill our customers' merchandise needs.


Old Williamsburgh is one of the top makers in the country! They have offered their Candles and Tea Lights to national stores at dramatically reduced pricing. There have been many reorders. Review the attachments and go to their web site for the complete assortment. Then compare it to the your pricing schedule, which is significantly lower. When you add the estimated freight charges provided, you will have the entire picture. You will find pricing in other retailers substantially higher.  

This is a unique opportunity to see samples from actual production, before purchasing their products.

If you are interested in developing a program, we would be happy to send you a sample package at no charge!


1-    Consumers begin coming inside, as the Summer begins to wind down Candle Sales begin to increase significantly. Retailers bring in basic product to be on shelves in August. Items we suggest are as follows:

A-   Our Country Dreams brochure contains most of the bestselling items such as Mason jars, Taper jars, and Apothecary jars

B-   Our Tumbler program can be found in our Air Freshening brochure. Our bestselling 4oz Tumblers (Compare to Glade) performs well @ $1.99-$2.49, lower than National Brand will provide additional sales and profits.

2-    Autumn Harvest- Retailers begin to stock shelves with Halloween & Fall Harvest. Product usually arrives in stores in September. Our brochure contains all items and scents necessary for excellent sales.

A-   For our smaller jars, 2.5oz Hourglass, Mason Jars, and Tumblers do best

B-   For larger jars, 8oz Tapers and 18oz Apothecary are winners

C-    Best selling Autumn scents are:

1-    Pumpkin Spice

2-    Banana Nut Bread

3-    Crisp Orchid Macintosh

4-    Spiced Caramel Eggnog

D-   We have also added 2 new collections, Apple Orchid and Pumpkin Patch that contain “NEW” 18oz Apothecary and introduce our “VALUE” price 3pc Apothecary Gift Set with a $5.99 suggested retail

3-    Christmas- definitely the peak of promotional Candle sales. Retailers bring in product to be on shelves beginning November as Halloween sales conclude. The bestselling sizes are similar to Autumn Harvest, 2.5oz Hourglass, 3oz Mason, 4oz Tumblers, 8oz Taper, and 18oz Apothecary. We have also added 2 new “Value” priced “Collections.

A-   Home Sweet Home

B-   Home for the Holiday

NOTE: Both have 18oz Apothecary and 3pc Apothecary Gift Sets. The gift sets will make excellent “Stocking Stuffers” and are great for Teachers gifts

C-    Best selling Christmas scents are:

1-    Spiced Apple Cinnamon

2-    French Vanilla

3-    Winter Spruce

4-    Gingerbread Cookie

4-    Tea lights- although they sell all year, peak in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Our 50ct bag is our best seller

NOTE: All Brochures and items can be found on website @